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Biggs Chapter North San Diego

The Ladies of Harley Owners Group

Ladies of Harley (LOH)

As the Ladies of Harley (L.O.H.) officer, Biggs Chapter, North San Diego County, I want to welcome you. We are a group of female Harley-Davidson enthusiasts promoting activities and adventures from within the local Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) Chapter.

L.O.H. is where lasting friendships and memories are made. It’s where we come together to share our common interest in Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I look forward to hearing from you about your journey on your motorcycle and sharing a ride or two or many more…

Did you know being a member of Ladies of Harley is free? It is not, however, automatic. If you are a national H.O.G. member, you can join, regardless of whether you are a full, life, or associate member. You must contact H.O.G. and tell them you'd like to be a member of LOH.

Just call 1-800-CLUB-HOG or go to www.HOG.com, log into the member sign in, then go to Membership and click on Manage Membership. Select Update Membership Profile and click the yes option for Ladies of Harley and you're done! After you've joined, you will receive a LOH embroidered patch and an LOH pin each year in addition to the annual H.O.G. patch and pin.

Remember, LOH is not about where you ride on the bike – it’s about ladies sharing their common passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles!!

2023 LOH Officer

[email protected]

Stay tuned for additional LOH activities

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